Monday, May 12, 2008

A motorcycling Legend

I just learned that well known female rider has past away. Sam Morgan Storm has past away. She was the only female remaining who rode the infamous Wall of Death. She had been riding the wall since she was a teenager. She could put on an unbelievable show. I was fortunate enough to see her perform! What a show!

Sam, Dave & Jay Lightning

I got this off

My name is Sam. I ride a 1931 101 Indian Scout motocycle on the side of a 90 degrees (straight up & down) wooden barrel board wall. It is the sport of motor drome riding, more commonly known as the “Thrillarena” or “Wall of Death”. I have been a drome rider for most of my life and have had the priviledge of riding 11 different dromes...2 of which were in Europe - 1 for the Varanne Family(from France) on a German Drome(Pitt’s Todeswand), and the other their Drome in France! Presently I ride for Jay Lightnin’& the American Motor Drome. Herein you will experience the rich history of motor drome riding, told both in pictures and stories. Included are walls, riders and sites from around the world! This site is dedicated to the memory of my mentor and savior, Sonny Pelaquin, who took me off the street, taught me to ride and to laugh... and gave me my wonderful life- high on the wall!

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Anonymous said...

It is a sad loss with Samantha's passing. But you can count on another woman Sandra D. from the California Hellriders to carry on the tradition of a woman rider here in the USA.. Sandra was a close friend of Samantha. Samantha helped her learn to ride the wall years ago. You can find more info on Sandra and her Husband Doni's Drome at