Friday, May 30, 2008

The Golf Cart Tradgedy

This past Memorial Day was a pleasant day here in New England. My parents were at our house on the cape for the weekend. Well they decided to take Zipp down the beach on the golf cart so he could go swimming. Instead of parking in the parking area like the rest of us would do, my dad decided to drive up on the beach! Wouldn't you know the golf cart got stuck. So my dad gets off and say "hey hun, you drive while I push"! In the mean time Zipp jumps off and watches from a safe distance. As my dad pushed my mom gave the cart gas but didn't realize the wheel was cut. When she gave it gas the thing took off and the wheel snapped back. With her hands in the steering wheel this was a recipe for disaster! It's was like Zipp knew!

Her hand hurt but according to her not that bad so they jumped back on and proceeded to go around the neighborhood to another pond!

Tuesday morning when she came to work her hand looked like she had a baseball glove on! It's funny the first things anyone says when we say "oh my mom broke her hand" everyone says' what from punching your father! Ha, I bet she wouldn't mind doing that now!

Yesterday they operated on her hand to fix all the crushed bones with pins and rods. She has to wait a week to get a cast and then 4 weeks from that she can start, writing, using the computer mouse, washing her hands, opening doors, the list is endless of things you do with your right hand!

She wants to know if my dad will do a paint job on her cast when she gets it...


Donna T. said...

Oh Susan....I'm so sorry! I'm sure this is frustrating, but I hope not too painful. I can't wait to see the flamed up cast!

Let me know if you need anything when the troups are traveling!

Hope you heal quickly, my friend.

Anonymous said...



After seeing your right cross at Dirty Harry's in Daytona, I know it must have been an awful spill.

Get well soon.


Anonymous said...


My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hope to see a picture of the Fist of Flames in a future post.


Anonymous said...

thanks donna, streets & thug. learning everything as a lefty. dave owes me a big fancy paint job on my cast...will send pics. :-}

Anonymous said...

p.s. the golf cart is OK. do you remember what OSDD is?? this time it was OSDP!!! get it??

Mike & Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your hand! Ouch!
If it hurts as bad as it looks its
gotta be painful!
Hope you heal up soon!
Mackay sends his get well wishes.