Friday, February 29, 2008

Daytona Day 1

The Perewitz crew is in Daytona!
Today was day one. Sara and I were at the speedway all day doing the XXChromes build with Jesse Combs. It was a nice day out, not to hot but definitely much better than snowy Bridgewater. We got some of the bike done for our build. It is a fearce competition! The girls against the boys from Chopper College. The winning bike is decided by your text vote. So text Chop2 to 90430! That will be a vote for the girls!
Tonight was a cool ride home on the bikes. I got to ride on the back with Kory on Thug's Roadglide. It was wicked nice. That bike rides so nice. I think I might buy one! Also in the pack was my dad on his 50 Pan, Barrasso, Dave O., and Thug. Unfortunately Streets bike broke down today but hopefully it will come alive tomorrow thanks to Kory.
Tomorrow we will be back at the speedway and Dave, Kory, and Jeff will be at Dirty Harry's. So come by and check us out if your here or at least text CHOP2 to 90430!
Talk to ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shop Bikes

Today the guys are loading the trailer for Daytona. There is 10 bikes leaving from here to head for the warm weather. I will be at the Allstate Insurance booth Friday- Sunday and Dave will be at Dirty Harry's in the Wild Turkey booth from 2-10pm Fri-the following Saturday! So make sure to come by!

We have aquired a couple new (well to the showroom) bikes. Below is some of newest creations and old ones to bless Perewitz! My personal favorite is Thug's "Baggah". Maybe I can go for a ride in Daytona!

This bike was is an older Perewitz FXR

Does this tank look familar? How about all you myspacers?

a 1973 X-90 my dad bought at a show recently.
Ron Iannotti's West Coast Chopper
Nice floorboards
Thug's! Kory took it out yesterday for a test ride

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chop This Tour

Contact: Christina Swanson
Phone: 815.546.6108

CChopin Boys vs. XX Chromes

Chop This ‘Battle of the Sexes’ National Tour will travel the country in 2008, matching guy vs. girl bike builders in the ultimate Battle of the Sexes competition.

Chicago 2008 - With his own dedicated stage, Tommy “Clutch” Creal will lead his three-man team of seasoned bike builders from Chopper College. On the opposing stage, bike builder coordinator Gina Woods will be ready to claim the title with her own three teammates. Each team will have a total of three days throughout the attended event to build the BEST sponsored Chopper -- all while competing in front of a live audience!

Throughout the duration of the three-day competition which is housed at the Allstate Motorcycle Insurance footprint at the International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL for Bike Week 2008, both Tommy and Gina will be emceeing the event (and doing some friendly trash-talking!), discussing the procedures and consequences in building. Full of interactive, eye-catching activities to draw in event attendees, this will be a lively competition that the crowd will not tire of.

As the only ‘Battle of the Sexes’ competition within this Industry, Chop This National Tour is geared up for the ultimate sex test of skill, endurance and Chopper attitude!

And the Builders are:

XX Chromes:
Gina Woods – Pres, Open Road Radio – Motorcycle Talk Radio Show & XX Chromes creator
Sara Liberte – World Famous Biker Portrait Artist, owner RT’s North Hills Cycle
Jody Perewitz – Marketing Mgr of famed Dave Perewitz Cycle Fabrication
Jessi Combs – Spike TV Host – “XTreme 4x4” Metal Fabricator, Welder

CChopin’ Boys:
Tommy “Clutch” Creal – President, Chopper College; Custom Bike Builder
Joe Jasko – Head Builder
Dave Kallas – Head Mechanic
Mick Grove – 25 years of fabrication experience; Head Fabricator


February 29th-March 3rd BIKE WEEK – Daytona, FL
April 23rd-27th LAUGHLIN RUN – Laughlin, NV
May 1st-4th NEW ORLEANS JAZZ FEST - New Orleans, LA
May 9th –12th MYRTLE BEACH BIKE WEEK - Myrtle Beach, SC
June 14th – 16th LACONIA RALLY - Laconia, NH
June 27th –June 29th TASTE OF CHICAGO - Chicago, IL
August 5th –9th STURGIS - Sturgis, SD
October 16th –18th BIKETOBERFEST - Daytona Beach, FL

Sponsorships Available. For more information check out

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Body Guard Zipp!

By: Donna Tocci

So, Jody’s totally called out her “writers” as slackers – and she has every reason to. We all said we’d pitch in and then…well, one thing leads to another – right gang? At least that’s what happened on this end. That and I haven’t been down at the shop lately.

But, I was there a couple of weeks ago to drop off shirts for the powersports show in Indy. It was a very rare evening when neither Jody nor Dave were kicking around the shop. I got to hang out with Susan a little bit…and the doggies, of course. Susan and I were having a nice chat in her office (which has an echo in it, but we’ll get to that another time) and the dogs were all around. Sebago was in the middle of the floor munching on what looked like a pig’s ear, Zipp was running back and forth from Susan to me.

Louie and Cheech decided that they’d had enough of each other and started to go at it. They often do and most people would think they are about to kill each other, but you get used to it and know that this behavior is just them playing rough with each other. I wasn’t paying any attention to it until I felt something at the bottom of my leg. I looked down and Zipp had his two front paws around my leg. I thought he was going to do something that boy dogs do…but no, he grabbed me, turned his head and growled at Cheech and Louie. Apparently he thought they were getting a little close with their fighting and he didn’t like it. How cute is that?! I guess all those treats that I bring have made an impact on Zipp-a-roo! Ok, I don’t bring as many as Joe Pro does – I’m not even in the same league as Joe with Zipp, but I think he kind of likes me. Again, how cute is that?? I was flattered. I know, I’m a dork, but I was…Zipp’s my special little buddy now.

Does that have anything to do with motorcycles? Not a thing. But it does have to do with things that happen at the shop…”Life at Perewitz” isn’t just about motorcycles – it’s family, friends and dogs, of course!

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am looking for some guest writers? Someone somehow connect to us or the motorcycles industry... I have a bunch of dead beat people here that keep saying they are going to write but the immediately act like they are on the phone or doing something important when I mention the word "blog"!
I'll get them back!

2009 Calendar

We are looking for spots for the 2009 Calendar. We are changing the format to a more "New England" theme. Got any good traditional New England spots?

Snowed In!

My parents and I have been out for most of the day and when we returned there was quite a bit of that white stuff! SNOW! My dad is out in the parking lot now trying to plow the 4-5 inches that we have and it's still coming down!
The warm weather can't come fast enough. Like I always say though, "This is where we live! And the winter makes you enjoy the summer more!"
So all you people who live in warm climates you can't appriciate 70 degree days! and if you can I am jealous!
Riding season will be on us soon enough, plus the guys still have a lot of work to do on my new bike! So the more time the better.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ride home from Indy

We arrived home yesterday morning from Indianapolis. My dad got home Monday, lucky him!
Our ride out there was pretty much uneventful besides the truck with the pigs in it! But the ride home!!
I just can't imagine going through Pennsylvania without hitting a snow storm! We hit a wicked big storm for most of Ohio and PA! The roads were covered with snow and it was white out conditions. Thankfully Kory was driving because I was getting a headache just from trying to see through the snow to the road. There was trucks off the road, accidents, and ice covered roads.
Let me tell you it is the worst when you just want to get home and you have 500 miles to go and you hit a storm that is neverending and the fastest you can go it 30 mph!
We ended up getting home a couple hours later than expected but we made it. The truck was so dirty you didn't even want to touch the door handle because it would definitely cover you with white road salt.
Jeff's task for the day: Wash truck and Trailer!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Powersports Dealers Show

I am writing this from inside the dealers show. We arrived early this morning to make sure we took in EVERYTHING here.

Jeff is like a little kid in a candy store. There is some wicked cool stuff here at the show, mostly the pitbike stuff and I guess a few motorcycle things. If someone has anything that could possibly be used for 50's Jeff has to stop and politic for about 20-30 minutes so it is taking us a while to get down an isle. At the rate we are going I think we should be through the whole convention center by... oh say... next month!!

I finally got to meet Nicole Hoffman who is my fellow Team Kryptonite member. She is wicked cool and interesting to me because we share the love of motorcycles but from a totally different aspect! I am hoping to meet with her in Daytona and go in the pits! Maybe even catch one of her races.

Yesterday I took a picture of Cory Ness's bike that I blogged about a couple weeks ago. It was at the V-Twin Dealers show but I didn't get a picture of it so here it is! How cool are those wheels!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Trip 2 Indy

Kory, Jeff and I left for Indianapolis Thursday night. We arrived to the home of the Indianapolis Colts yesterday afternoon. We are here for Kryptonite to display a Perewitz custom at the Powersports Dealer Show. We are heading over to the show shortly so I will report on it later.

Yesterday while we were driving I saw an interesting thing. I was driving down the highway and I came apon a big truck that looked like a stock animal truck. As we get close I notice these little things sticking out the side! So I got up right next to it. "Oh LOOK" they were baby PIGS!!! I, of course the animal lover I am, got all excited! It figures we see something cool like that while I'm driving! They were so cute sticking their noses out the holes in the truck. I felt so bad for them because it must have been freezing and I hate to think of where they were going! Breakfast anyone?

I made Jeff get my camera and take some photos. They aren't very good but you can see their cute little noses! They were all so little, just babies.

So for the next 100 miles I said that when I have a house and a yard I want to "save" a potbelly pig! Louie and Cheech would love a friend!! I could get it a harness and walk it with the pups.

Another cool thing I saw was the Indianapolis Colts new stadium. They were building it last year when we were here but it wasn't much more than a hole in the ground and some big beams. It looks near completion this year. I have to say as much as I hate the Patriots arch rivals, they do have a nice stadium! It is a monster! I was impressed. Boy the Manning brothers have it all, the Super Bowl Ring and a new Stadium with a retractable roof!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photos for the Boston Show!

Thanks Mike!! Check out Mike's photography.


Louie got laid!

Everyone has a little "Captain" in them!

Oh Joe, behave!

Thug's new ride, it sure is a cool one.

Jeff with the Whiskey Girls.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photos from Boston

Below are some photos from Doug and De from the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston this past weekend.
We are still in NH and they are expecting a foot or more of snow tonight so I will take some pictures tomorrow because they already have about 2 1/2 feet of snow so another foot will be something!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Got Pictures?

The Perewitz crew had a busy weekend! We had the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston. Our home town! We brought in about 15 bikes into the show. So Friday and Sunday were hectic days of loading the trailer with bikes and apparel.
The show was wicked busy Saturday and Sunday. We sold a ton of books and apparel. According to Kev-Marv Productions the show had the second largest attendance in 7 years! That is huge, seeings how the motorcycle industry and economy in general is down.
Sara and I did the charity build again. On Sunday we brought the bobber to life with a little puff of the exhaust and a roar of the 80" Evo. I definitely give a big thanks to Kevin and Lou-ann for putting on a great show!
We had a lot of great people come by the show to check us out and also hang out at the booth. Doug and Pete Robinson, now known as Thug and Streets respectively, came by to hang out for the weekend and to check out Doug's new "Baggah". He was impressed and so were we, Brian Klock has nothing on our new Baggah!
I am waiting for some pictures from the show from our pal Mike Keegan.
I am writing this from Loon Mountain in NH so I don't have any pictures with me. Kory, Jared and I came up to NH after the show Sunday night to go snowboarding for a few days. I have to say the conditions today were perfect! Bring on the snow!
As soon as I get some pics I will post them!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Team Kryptonite!

Kryptonite Creates Riding Essentials Class for Women

Kryptonite is launching a women's only riding essentials class taught by Team Kryptonite members Jody Perewitz and Nicole Hoffman. The two women will visit select shops sharing their extensive experience and knowledge with women riders who may be just starting out. Both women have years of experience riding and racing or building motorcycles. The series of classes will kick off in June at Perewitz Cycle Fabrications in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

“Kryptonite knows from both published reports and our own experiences on the road, that more women are riding motorcycles than ever before,” said Karen Rizzo, Director of Marketing. “We also understand that these women may be new to riding and have questions or need some advice that they might not want to ask of the guys. We have a solution for that with our accomplished women riders, Jody and Nicole, who will share their expertise, tips and general information with these women.”
Both Jody and Nicole will lead the 1-2 hour class. They will talk about their backgrounds and educate the attendees about safety, simple maintenance, riding gear, resources available and security tips. The participants will be treated to snacks, raffle prizes and receive a certificate at the completion of the event.

“This isn’t about just creating a pink product and hoping women buy it,” continued Rizzo. “We are offering women the chance to walk into a dealer for the first time and really learn about riding from women with invaluable experience.”

Jody joins Team Kryptonite after her father, legendary custom motorcycle builder Dave Perewitz joined the team two years to in an exclusive representation deal. “After working with the Perewitz family for several years, Kryptonite is making our relationship with Jody official by adding her to our growing Team Kryptonite,” Rizzo said. “Our partnership with Jody will help us bring the message of security to an ever expanding audience that we may not have been successful at targeting before – the woman motorcycle rider. We all look forward to having a long relationship with Jody.”

Jody took to the family business like a fish to water and has had a hand in building numerous motorcycles, most notably her own 1963 Harley Davidson Panhead. Since she started riding she’s ridden everything from the small 50cc bikes to motorcycles with a suicide shift and everything in between.

Nicole is a member of Team and competes in the SunTrust MOTO-ST series, a national road racing endurance series. Hoffman, who has raced for the past seven years, won the National CCS Ultra Lightweight Superbike Championship in 2004. She was part of the 2006 winning team in the Inaugural 8 Hours at Daytona and has placed second in the ASRA Team Challenge. Nicole has a great amount of knowledge about safety, handling and resources available to women riders.

Kryptonite, innovator of the bicycle U-lock, has offices in Canton, Massachusetts. The company is makes high-quality cables, chains, U-locks and flexible security systems for the bicycle, powersport, snowsport, locksmith and hardware markets.

The first women's riding essentials class will take place at Perewitz Cycle Fabrications in June. For more information, visit To read Jody's blog, click here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

V-Twin Dealers Show

Kory, Jeff, Jesse, and I left on Thursday to head to the V-Twin Dealers show in Cincinnati Ohio. We hit a huge ice storm almost through the whole state of PA. I tried taking pictures but it was too dark out! The ice on the front of the truck was at least a couple inches thick! It was unbelievable. But we made it there and back safe.

The show was good. There was a bunch of cool new stuff. One of the things that sticks out in my mind is a new bike that Cory Ness built. It is for S&S 50th Party. It was just really cool and different! It had a crazy set of one-of-a-kind wheels. I unfortunatley didn't have my camera to take a picture and I can't find one on the web so you will be held in suspense till it is unveiled.

Sara and I pushed our new website to various vendors. It went over big, everyone loves the idea and wants to get involved.